Your next NH Representative
for Grafton’s 3rd District.

“I served as NH Representative for Grafton’s 5th district. As NH Representative for Grafton’s new 3rd district, I will serve for the people of Lincoln, Woodstock and Easton with the same work ethic and bipartisan spirit. I am proud to have an outstanding record to run on.”

Jerry’s strong record for New Hampshire

  • 100% voter participation rating based upon over 600 floor roll call votes (source Citizen’s Count). (NH average is 84%)
  • Served for two years on the Ways and Means Committee making critical contributions to over 30 bills brought to our committee, including chairing a subcommittee effort on cross-border licensing of truck trailers
  • Spoke on the floor of the house eleven times. My speeches have been written about in the NH Business Review, the Concord Times and the Manchester Union Leader. The final vote went the way of my speeches in all 11 cases, several against considerable odds.
  • Sponsored and authored two bills that were signed into law. While each bill had many parts, one honored a fallen solider and the second lead to better protection of nursing home residents. I was the only representative or senator to primary sponsor more than one bill that was signed into law in 2020, the first year of the pandemic.
  • I sponsored legislation that closed the gap in disability services that was occurring for disabled between high school and turning 21. This gap has been permanently fixed thanks to this effort without a law being necessary.
  • I co-sponsored legislation that enables foster children to stay in the program past the age of 18, if they so choose, with federal government financial support.
  • I worked two of the three pieces of legislation that the Manchester Union Leader cited as the largest bipartisanship success in this term. They were the bills to allow sports betting in NH and the bill to keep New Hampshire businesses from having to collect sales taxes from out of state visitors and send to their state (called Wayfair legislation).
  • I emphasized the need to increase state support for local cities and towns so that homeowners wouldn’t be saddled with unsustainable property taxes.
  • Led the fight on the house floor against the ski tax
  • I enjoyed showing my granite state patriotism, being the only representative to sing the national anthem in the state house more than once this term to great accolades. I was honored to sing again in the first House of Representatives session outside of the State House since the Civil War.
  • I served as the Clerk of the Grafton County Executive Committee and oversee the fiscally responsible use of our tax funds for our County nursing home, corrections facility, sheriff’s department and other functions.
  • I am active in our local community in groups like the Lincoln Woodstock Rotary, Jean’s Playhouse, and the Bridge Project
  • I communicated regularly as a contributor in the local papers (like the Trendy Times) under the rubric “The Rep’s Repartee” on many issues of importance.

Please stand up for me by voting for me on November 8th.

Governing is serious business. It has been centuries that we have struggled to make rules that allow our citizens to enjoy our hard-fought freedoms. These rules, typically called laws or regulations, place restrictions on activities so that the freedoms of others are maintained. In common terms, an individual’s rights go as far as the other person’s nose. We are constantly rethinking of when to alter, remove or create new rules that alter the nature of liberty.

We also pool our resources to pursue projects that are in the greater good. We contribute to the common defense, build and staff schools, pursue community projects that keep our water clean and roads and bridges working. We debate and make enforceable decisions about how much each person should contribute to these common services. In a citizen government like ours, this is serious business.

I want to ask you to stand up again for me because of what I have learned and the working relationships that I have developed in the House and the Senate. What I have learned will help me design legislation that will improve education for our children, dramatically improve growth in the state and do so in a fiscally sound way. The relationships I have built will provide me with the strength to build coalitions to get meaningful changes passed!

Time for a new generation of leaders to step up!