Another View — Ted Smith: Crafting opioid policy to protect the youngest victims

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I am impressed by the post of Lincoln Police Chief Ted Smith in the July 31st op ed page of the Manchester Union Leader.   As a first line public servant in the devastating battle we face in opioid addiction, which is particularly prevalent in NH, Ted provides some excellent insight into approaches to begin to win this battle.  I also support the CARA(2) legislation that is through the House Finance Committee and is being considered in the Senate.  I have proposed an element to this bill to make non-narcotic treatments for chronic pain that are currently ineligible for coverage under Medicare potentially reimbursable.   At present, certain technologies are not considered eligible for insurance coverage even if there save money and reduce opioid dependence.  This provision would give Medicare the option of making additional pain reducing technologies available.  Like Ted, I have found the NH delegation very responsive and committed to addressing the opioid crisis.

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